Dear readers, how our lives have changed right now. Usually my inbox would be full of emails from potential brides bursting with excitement to book you for their special day. My dropbox would be issuing multiple warnings asking me to increase my storage as another photographer or bride sends over their images ready for my website or social media. The reality now is very different: my inbox is full of zoom meetings, and not even for me – but for my daughter, who is either partaking in online tutoring from the lovely Jess (my fairy godmother) who rescued me whilst trying to home school my 10 year old or online dance lessons.

Let’s now look to the future and let me inspire you with a wedding which took place last year, in October – which is one of my favourite times of year as the makeup takes on the warm tones of autumn, lips getting bolder, the eyes more defined.

Keep positive. Hold onto your dream. Your day will come…

Wedding morning preparation

The incredible dress by

Bridal Hair:

All you need is that special person on hand to help you into your dress and a pair of Jimmy Choo’s surely?

The Beautiful Flowers: